Silverkit Research Project

Responsibles: Prof. Vincent Englebert, Prof. Claire Lobet, Prof. Wim Vanhoof
Researcher: Simon Genin
Collaborators: Prof. Bruno Dumas
Partners: UTAN ; ASD


By 2071,
  • the over-65s will increase from 18.3% to 25.2%.
  • The over-80s will increase from 5.2% to 10.2%.

More and more services are now offered exclusively via digital platforms (tax-on-web, myPension, e-banking, administrations, …). Nevertheless, Digital technology is also a precious ally in maintaining life at home as long as possible (e-Health, e-Shop, home banking, social networks, culture, AAL, …).


Aging goes hand in hand with the deterioration of certain skills :

  • Vision
  • Movement Coordination
  • Hearing and speech
  • Cognition (memory, reasoning, performance)
  • Digital literacy
  • Attitude % change

These skills are, however, essential for accessing digital services.


  • How to preserve the usability of IT applications throughout their life cycle?
  • How to preserve the usability of IT applications throughout life?


To develop a toolkit for developers in order to design self-adaptive application interfaces


  • Continuously measure the quality of user interaction
  • Detecting difficulties
  • Identify the problem, the cause, and corrections to be made to improve the interface.

Our approach

Solution Silverkit